Around the World by Bicycle

Documentary: The World By Bike

Documental Pedaleando El Globo

In this documentary you will find some of the most impressive moments of my journey around the world, and with your purchase you are not only supporting and helping me to make my dream come true, but perhaps it will also be the beginning of yours.

Pablo Garcia personal history, a middle-class Argentinean guy who expects to travel around the world by bike. He plans to accomplish his goal in two years and half. But after more than eleven years, the economic difficulties in his country and a love relationship on the way still stop him from totally fulfilling his dream.

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  • puertorico

Puerto Rico

May 16, 2015|0 Comments

During my stay in Puerto Rico I arrived in Vieques, where I met Carlos Prieto Ventura, leader of the fishermen and key player in the struggle against the US Navy on the island. Sat on the patio of my house he told me the dark history about Vieques and Puerto Rico.

  • antillas-menores

Lesser Antilles

April 12, 2015|3 Comments

The first thing that came into my mind when I thought of these islands was paradise: crystal clear sea, endless beaches of white sand and also inclined palm trees.I imagined its people, mostly African descendants, friendly and curious, living mainly of fishing and agriculture; and sometimes even unrelated to tourism. I believed being on a bicycle could let me get into the best places, that I could camp and enjoy fabulous sunsets, getting along with people, and make some friends. I thought that visiting these islands would be easy and wonderful.

  • En los andes colombianos

Through the Colombian Andes

January 13, 2015|1 Comment

In Bogota and Medellin I was welcomed by Camilo Rey and Carlos Carvajal, two references in the cycling of Colombia, a country characterized by its processes around the use and promotion of cycling. There, they organized a talk where I made a presentation of my trip. The Colombians are friendly, hospitable and generous people.