Around the World by Bicycle

Documentary: The World By Bike


In this documentary you will find some of the most impressive moments of my journey around the world, and with your purchase you are not only supporting and helping me to make my dream come true, but perhaps it will also be the beginning of yours.

Pablo Garcia personal history, a middle-class Argentinean guy who expects to travel around the world by bike. He plans to accomplish his goal in two years and half. But after more than eleven years, the economic difficulties in his country and a love relationship on the way still stop him from totally fulfilling his dream.

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  • llegadapablogarciaenmaceio


My dream came true!!! The Project “Cycling Around the World” is done!!! Finally I arrived in Brazil and after cycling through northeast I came back to Maceio! Here with my friends, who saw me leaving in June 1999 with the goal of cycling around the world. After 14 years on the road and 146,000 km covered I am back. I was very naive, because I planned to do it in 2½ years. But the journey is not over yet, I will cycle home, Buenos Aires.

  • enruta


My short tour in this country was to go into the eastern area in the Peruvian jungle. crossing part of the mountain range I visited remote villages, but the big surprise was reaching the Huallaga River, in the upper Amazon basin, where I will embark to the Atlantic.

  • pablo-garcia-en-ecuador


During my journey in Ecuador I witnessed demonstrations for and against the government, blocking roads and attacks. I cycled through the Saw, the Amazon and crossed moorlands where I got caught in the rain. One day, the extreme cold weather caused me a severe leg cramp that made me suffer and think as few times in my trip.