Around the World by Bicycle

Documentary: The World By Bike


In this documentary you will find some of the most impressive moments of my journey around the world, and with your purchase you are not only supporting and helping me to make my dream come true, but perhaps it will also be the beginning of yours.

Pablo Garcia personal history, a middle-class Argentinean guy who expects to travel around the world by bike. He plans to accomplish his goal in two years and half. But after more than eleven years, the economic difficulties in his country and a love relationship on the way still stop him from totally fulfilling his dream.

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  • Pablo García

October 29th, 2017. Come and JOIN me in this celebration!

Friends, with a mixture of joy and sadness, I announce that this “Round the world trip by bike” is coming to an end. On October 29th 2017, I will reach the Obelisco in the city of Buenos Aires. which will symbolize the finishing line of this life experience that during the course of 16 years has taken me through more than 100 countries. RIDE WITH ME this last kilometers through Av. Libertador or welcome me in the Obelisco. Come and JOIN me in this celebration! I’m inviting everyone who wants to be part of this story, be it due to their passion for cycling or because they firmly believe in their dreams.

  • pablo-garcia-en-carretera-chile

Chile, Austral Road

I knew a little bit from Chile, since I had never been in this country. The image that the Argentine has of the Chileans is not always disinterested, and vice versa. Historically, Argentina and Chile have had territorial conflicts and due to the passion for football we have always faced each other. But beyond going to meet the Chileans, what really took me there was pedaling the mythical Austral Road a big challenge in the cycle tourism world

  • Pablo Garcia entrando a Argentina

Back in Argentina

After more than 15 years pedaling throughout all the continents, I arrived in Argentina totally excited, Finally my bicycle tour around the world was taking me back to my country, despite my very bad health condition due to The last trail pedaled through Bolivia. During my travel by the Argentinean northwest, I experienced the public health services at Hospitals, and faced the reality of the most forgotten places and started knocking on doors looking for sponsors.