Newcastle, km 35,526

I arrived to Newcastle by ship from Sweden, after a trip of 24 hours; it was a rainy morning, like most of my days that I passed in United Kingdom.

Cycling from the port to the centre I met Keith, an English guy who offered me to stay in his house but he lived some kilometres to the centre, so I preferred to go to Sustrans, a cyclists association that somebody had recommended me. There they contacted me with the youth hostel and I got free accommodation.

On the afternoon I went to the pedestrian street of the centre and I got some money with my sells. I also knew a Scottish guy who gave me one of the pieces that I needed for the bike.

In the next day I cycled to Bredwick, in the north of England where hallucinating landscapes are. An area with cliffs and a lot of hills.

Certainly a place to stop, at least for some days, but the cold and the constants sprinkles were my biggest obstacle. So I crossed to Scotland.

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