September 24 st 1999 – Km 9.923 – Arrival to Buenos Aires

The last night I woke up several times in my tent. This time I was in Colonia, Uruguay. Maybe I was scare of not waking up in time and miss the ship in the morning, to come back to Buenos Aires, or maybe it was my anxiety of arriving home. Anyway, sleeping wasn’t my allied. I was crossing the last stretch this time, but through the water. My bicycle, impatient, was waiting in the prow. Under a cloudy sky, I was looking through the window and seeing part of the 10.000 km.

So I began to remember: the drought in the Sertao, those lucky little dolls which helped me to support a great part of the travel, the 6, 8, till 10 hours of biking everyday, those terrible times when I got lost in nobody’s lands, the big rains and the marvel.

To conquer our dreams, our challenges, of living the life.


I cycled along 9 de Julio Av., and General Paz Av. I surprised my father on his work, my mum, my brother and sister and my friends.

Today, some months later of that strong experience, I look up to the sky to thank God, for guiding me during this whole adventure and I pray Him to keep illuminating my way. Today my objective is bigger: to go around the world by bicycle. To discover new horizons, to make friends, and to live new experiences. Nothing is easy, there is always a long way to run, but one can go as far away as his heart and courage take him

Two years, a long road toward Africa. Organizing the trip

When I started to plan my trip around the world by bicycle, I believed that I would only take few months… three, four perhaps. But I was wrong. Looking for people in Buenos Aires who bet in such an extravagant as well as unreal project to the moment that we were living in Argentina, made me understand that it would take a time that I never imagined.

After being outside of the country during five years, I had to settle in Bs As, to look for people who bet on me and it was difficult. For moments my forces of continuing ahead almost disappeared. I bought maps, I presented dozens of samples of work, I made travel brochure and the website, I got a lot of moral support, I contacted the media, dozens of companies and I took 8 vaccines.

Pablo Garcia - Around the world by bicycleIn February of 2001, I traveled more than 2.000 km. in the State of Bs As, where I visited Bolivar, Bahia Blanca and Mar del Plata among others. The end: to disclose in local way “The ride around the world by bicycle”

At once to my return and with the support of those who believed already in me, I planned my departure toward Africa on September 26 2.001 to concluded this hard stage which was also part of my long trip, although this time not sat down on my bicycle, but on a hundred of desks.

Thanks to the companies who allowed me to start with this experience of life: Scarpati, Quarry, All Seasons, OFF, Bicicletas Halley, Alforjas Halawa, Roche, Leo Centers Colors, Dr Stamboulian, Duograf y Brain Ware.

If you wish to know more about my trip, get the documentary: The World by Bike