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Do you need good info for the journey of your life?
Do you want to know which is the easiest and safest region for travelling in the world?
Or maybe you are wondering how you can survive travelling?

I create this section due to all queries I receive from people asking for tips or information to undertake a trip by bike, backpack, motorcycle or car.

I fully understand how you feel when you prepare what can become “the journey of your life.” I also went through that and I would have loved to talk with someone to clarify my doubts or overcome my fears. I wish I had been so lucky. But at that time there were no travelers’ websites and there were no social networks.

“Talk with Pablo” is meant to help you plan your trip in the best way. Tell you through my experience which is the best continent or countries to travel and why, according to your expectations. Also what routes to take or region to visit, tell you about the hospitality of people, safety issues and even whether it is appropriate an insurance travel.

For those who want to travel by bike, I can tell you which bicycle and tent to buy, or what to pack in your saddlebags and even how to distribute your things. And the most important: “how can you manage to make some money or get a sponsor.” If you link here, you will see the companies who sponsored me and why so many people write me asking about this topic.

My 16 years journey around the world has given me an unique experience, which I acquired by trial and error. And all this knowledge I can share with you in one hour talk.

I wish I had this opportunity. Surely many things would have been easier for me. Take advantage and talk with me. Write me to schedule an appointment.

Don´t worry, I will help you to plan the journey that will mark you for the rest of your life, and I will be happy of being part of your success!

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