Km 37,816

I arrived to Belgium in direction to Antwerpen; it was raining too strong like all my way in Holland.

Sometimes, in circumstances like these, I felt myself like a true lunatic. People look at me surprised from the windows of their cars or under their umbrellas, without understanding how I can cycle with those climatic conditions, with a lot of rain and too much cold. I only look at them and I smile, as explaining them: “today is a difficult day”. But there are also those days which the sun shines and some people with a healthy envy observe me, as that bricklayer that climbed to his stairway he screamed me “good journey” or that postman who making his service stops and he makes a sign with his hand like saying: “go ahead.”

Con Wim

Moments like these give me energy to continue my cycle, and they are the best memories on the road. My first stop was in Leuven, at Wim´s home, a cyclist who I met in Tallin, some months behind. And it was good to recover myself of so much rain; I remember my condition when I arrived at Wim´s home, it was deplorable.

After a couple of days in Leuven, I went to Brussels, the sun was shining, but the temperature at noon was of 1º. I could not believe it, my hands were frozen in spite of I was wearing my gloves.

There, in the capital city I was also received, this time by Freija and Jeroen, a marriage that I knew in Dublin, who had travelled through Africa in their 4×4 during 6 months. Inclusive they already had published their book; they were true adventurers. But when I arrived to their house, Freija and Jeroen had to leave the city, so they gave me the key of their house, as if I was a relative. It is not the first time that it happen me, and I don’t stop to surprise myself.


Brussels has a population of almost a million inhabitants, and it is not only the capital city of the country, but it also is of Europe, because it is the headquarters of the Government of the UE.

It is a cosmopolitan city, and it possesses a lot of tourism, for this reason my sales in the city were very good.

I stayed in Brussels few days because the cold and the rains forced me to go toward the south; to look for the sun, I couldn’t stay there.

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