The journey began in Maceió in 1999. But the journey was not always linear, as in life there are twists and turns. Sometimes I had to travel the same route more than once.

From Maceio I traveled almost 10,000 km to get to Buenos Aires, where I spent a year and a half organizing the World Tour by Bicycle. In 2001 I left for Cape Town, South Africa and spent 27 months to get to Cairo, Egypt, from where I flew to Spain. In Europe I spent more than 2 and a half years in which I traveled to 30 countries. I also visited North Africa.

Then I went to the Near East, where I spent a year, and from there I returned to Europe to tour the Balkans. I went back to Turkey and went on to Iran, the Persian Gulf, Pakistan, India, Nepal and India again from where I flew to Southeast Asia, and then went on to China, Japan, Korea, China again, Mongolia, China again, the Tibet and again Southeast Asia. Then Indonesia and East Timor. I spent more than 4 years in Asia.

I flew to Darwin, Australia to cycle to Sydney, then I went to New Zealand, Samoa, Hawaii and from there I flew to San Francisco to go till Los Angeles, California. After this, on the end of spring I flew to Alaska, from where I went down to the city of Mexico. Because of I wanted to know the east coast of North America, and also to avoid the rainy season in Central America, I flew to Toronto, Canada and from there I cycled to Miami, from where I flew back to Mexico and continued through Central America to Panama to fly to Colombia later. During the dry season I flew to the Antilles and visited the islands of Curaçao, Trinidad, Grenada, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Barbados, Saint Lucia, Martinique, Dominica, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Cuba. Then I returned to Colombia, I continued towards Ecuador, North of Peru, and through the Amazon I went down to Belem, After traveling through the Brazilian northeast, I crossed Bahia, Goias and MS, the second part of Brazil.

Then I toured Bolivia and finally I entered to Argentina through Jujuy and cycled south. I made 7 crossings of the Andes to explore Argentine Patagonia, the Carretera Austral in Chile and finally arrive in Ushuaia, the city known as the end of the world. Then I continued traveling to the north of the country with the aim of getting to know each of the Argentine provinces, I reached Formosa, visited Paraguay, Foz de Iguazú, and from there I pedaled to Buenos Aires where on October 29, 2017, I finished the tour around the world.

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La vuelta al Mundo en Bicicleta Documental: Pedaleando el Globo


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