MY THIRD bicycle

It was gave me in Israel, like a personal donation. It has 27 gears, with a Shimano Deore equipment. It has front suspension, gel seat and the same rear racks from the second bicycle. In Vietnam I also put the stand of a motorcycle, and it never more fell down.  

The weight of the bicycle is 23 kilos, including all its accessories, such as the three bicycle locks and the bicycle racks. 

Then, I carry another 55 kilos luggage, including my tent, sleeping bag, a camping mattress, few tools, three spare inner tubes and a foot pump. About the clothes I carry windstopper, cycle and winter clothes. A backpack too. 

I have a laptop, two video camera, two photo cameras and a tripod. Plus 7 batteries with their battery chargers and a pile of cables. Also, I carry two external hard discs and the media folder to contact some sponsors.  

Finally I have a small gasoline stove, with a small set of cooking.a torch, a mosquito net, and my African knife. 

I know, it’s a crazy thing! 


My second bike


It was donated by Dal Santo team from Argentina. Its brand name is Halley, with an imported frame and Shimano Alivio equipment. With this bicycle I have cycled through Buenos Aires province, all over Africa and Europe. But in Italy, on my way to Middle East the internal thread of the frame started to give me trouble; so I understood that I had to change the bicycle. However the Halley which cost u$s 350 in Argentina, took me along 50.000 km during five years, with 40 kg of luggage. It was really a good bicycle.

Through the African stage and big part of Europe I had no laptop, neither the photo and video cameras. Nor winter clothes.

My first bike

I bought this Mountain bike in Maceió, it was my first bike. Imported, unbranded frame and Shimano Acera gear. Only a year later, when I got on the Halley, I understood that this bike was too short for me. Its value was 150 u$s. Even so, I cycled 10,000 km back to Buenos Aires, without panniers and only with a backpack that kept falling off all the time and with a summer tent that let the water in every time it rained. My sleeping bag didn’t hold anything. Beginner thing. The luggage rack was made of iron.



La vuelta al Mundo en Bicicleta Documental: Pedaleando el Globo



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