pablo-garcia-pedaleando-el-globoMany dreams could become true if only we believed in them.

Around the World by Bicycle was a project which had the aim of crossing the 5 continents going through more than a hundred countries. Its goal was to document different cultures and their present ways and conditions of life, and, most importantly, show that no dreams are impossible.

Going around the World by Bicycle did not only involve physical fitness and hitting the road to pedal as many daily miles as it was possible. Making a journey like this pushed me to plan each stage carefully and to generate an income to keep going, obviously.

We believe that the perspective provided on different cultures is interesting given the kind of approach I had with people. Said approach enables a distinct look on the places visited and the path followed to get there.

After 16 years of travelling and more than 100.000 miles covered, I finished my journey around the world by bicycle.

Currently, I am writing a book and organazing bike tours in Patagonia.
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If you wish to know more about my journey you can download my the documentary or get the DVD.

If you wish to know more about my trip, get the documentary: The World by Bike