Km. 47,106


Immediately that I left Trieste I crossed the border from Italy and I entered to Slovenia. It was a cold and cloudy day and the weather threatened to rain. For this reason when I arrived to Koper, I looked for lodging. But who assisted me in the youth’s hostel told me that it was complete. And I didn’t believe him because the small city seemed with a ghost town.

So with the last light of the day, I pedalled very fast to Izola, a town with a population of 15 or 20 thousand inhabitants which receives something of tourism but it only possesses expensive hotels. After go around for a while I was indicated about three family houses, and in the last one they accepted me to sleep one night.

The family was composed by an old marriage that lived in the first floor and their daughter Victoria who lived in the second. Meanwhile I stayed in the ground floor. Victoria was very kind, that night she invited me to have dinner and we spoke for a long while. In the next morning, Victoria’s daughter told me that her mother, charmed with my trip, invited me to pass my stay-days free, up to the weather get better.

But the older lady who didn’t speak neither Italian nor English didn’t sympathize of the idea and in the next morning while Victoria worked she ordered me to leave the house, with the weather still very bad. That demon!!!

El puerto

So I waited a couple of hours to the rain stop and then I went to Piran, a small town which receives a lot of tourism too, situated on the coast. But I found difficult to make the 15 km, because immediately I left Izola, it began to rain again and I could not take refuge in any side. And plus the up and down of the mountains I arrived very soaked.

I took other two hours waiting for the rain ends and drying a little my clothes. It was when four young boys came near, one of them was from Serbia, and they started to smoke marijuana in very normal way.

Finally I was informed about an agency of tourist information. And I had luck because who worked there had travelled through South America. The guy communicated with another older lady who rented me a room and I could move into for two days, up to the rain ended.

When I arrived at the house I was charmed, the last time that I slept in bed and at the same time I took a shower where everything worked it had been in Florence, and it had been 8 nights ago.

When the rain stopped I didn’t doubt; and I returned to the route to cross to Croatia.[:]

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