The Lotus Temple and the Baha’ism

According people explained to me, Siyyid Ali-Muhammad (1819-1850) well-known as the Bab was a Persian religious, precursor of the Baha’ism. The Bab was a merchant of Shiraz, (today Iran) who took the title of Siyyid that means descending of Mohammed. In 1844 he proclaimed to be the messenger of a divine revelation, affirming that his main mission was to announce the imminent arrival of a new prophet engaged by all the religions, who would be responsible for the humanity’s unification.

Teachings of the Bab made stress in the concept that all the revealed religions were transmitted by God to the humanity, adapted for the time in that they were arising. He also taught about the equality of rights for men and women and he condemned the prejudices of any class. The growing number of people who were adhered to these new teachings in so little time alarmed to the political and religious authorities of Persia; and for that he and his followers were the target of persecution and violence. The Bab was made prisoner repeatedly and finally shot in 1850. Also more than 20.000 babies were martyred in the later years to this event.

Mirza Husayn Ali, to whom the Bab gave the title of Baha’u’llah, was a nobleman and one of the first important followers of the Bab. He was arrested and imprisoned in 1852 during a great persecution against the babies. During his imprisonment in Teheran, he believed to receive the first indications that he was who had been prophesied by the Bab. Eleven years later, exile in Baghdad (then part of the Ottoman Empire), he proclaimed that he was exactly the prophet that God would manifest, the one announced by the Bab and also for other prophets of the past, founding the Baha’ism. During the following 30 years Baha’u’llah began a period of religious revelation through an infinity of books, charts and epistles that today forms the nucleus of the sacred writings of the faith Baha’i. In those writings is contained the base which favour the spiritual, moral, economic and politics reconstruction of the society.

According they explained to me, actually the Baha’ism is established in more than 200 countries and territories of the world whose headquarters is in Haifa, Israel where the Bab´s sepulchre and the Baha’u’llah’s mortal remains are.

The design of the Baha’i House from Delhi is inspired in the lotus, the flower of exquisite beauty and symbol of purity associated with the cult and the religion in India. The Temple is the last of seven buildings built in diverse parts of the world. Inaugurated in 1986 it was dedicated to the unit of God, to the unit of the religion and the unit of the mankind.[:]The Lotus Temple and the Baha’ism

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