Km 36,796

I entered to Wales from Fishguard, a small port where the ships arrive from the Republic of Ireland.

Wales is a country of a splendid natural beauty, with diverse landscapes; mountains, rivers, forests and kilometres of unpolluted costs. According to the people, the coast’s populations have always attracted British tourists. Besides outdoors activities Wales possesses a strong culture of Celtic roots. Welsh speak an own language that it has survived in spite of English’s extended use.

Thanks to the good weather, on my route to Cardiff I could appreciate its wonderful landscapes which seem to a model. Everywhere is very green and very dense, extremely calm and pleasant one. I wondered, as in lands as these existed people with a mind so colonizing, like the Englishmen.

I arrived in Cardiff at night of my second cycle day and I lodged in one of their hostels that it turned out to be one of the most expensive in Europe and also one of the most disastrous. For this reason I visited the city on the following day and I left it.

Castillo de Cardiff

Cardiff is a city with less than 300.000 hab., and it was confirmed as capital of Wales in 1955. The first residents were the Romans that arrived in the century I A.C. and that they raised a fort here. Today that fort is the castle of Cardiff, the main attraction of the capital.

On the afternoon I stopped to sell a couple of hours, and it was good, I met this time people from Iran and from Cyprus, and they liked too much about my trip. By this way, I got some money and I returned to the route heading London.[

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